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I Tried Soy Curls: A Review

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I don’t miss meat. That’s a fact. I never really liked it from the start. Just ask my siblings. They’ll tell you I used to hide it under the rest of my food or feed it to the dog. So, I’m not really big on alternative meats. However, sometimes I like a different texture in my meals.

I kept hearing about soy curls. I had no idea what they were, but decided to order a bag and give them a try. I can’t believe what I’ve missing out on! Here’s my review.

Soy Curls made by Butler Foods

What Are The Ingredients?

This one is pretty simple. Soy curls are made from only one ingredient: soy beans.

That’s it.

There’s no extra additives, coloring, or anything.

What Do They Look Like?

When I heard people talking online about soy curls, I imagined spiral strips, like curly fries. Who wouldn’t? They are not curly at all.

Instead they are dehydrated strips that look more like rawhide dog chews. I have to admit, I did not find them very appealing when I first opened the bag.

Once you’ve rehydrated them in water, broth, or another liquid, they become meat like. The texture would best be describe as shredded chicken or turkey.

Let’s look in the bag

What Do They Taste Like?

Because these are made from soy beans, they are reminiscent of tofu. Just like tofu, they have an amazing ability to absorb the flavors they are cooked in.

I’ve cooked them in tomato sauce, no chicken broth, vegetable broth and with garlic and olive oil. Each time I’ve been impressed with how the flavor oozes from them. They are delicious!

Best of all is the texture. One of the reasons I’ve never been all that into alternative meats like TVP is I find the texture less than desirable. A lot of times these replacements are chewy.

Soy Curls are tender and juicy. They pull off with a fork much like you’d expect chicken. I’ve not had one come out chewy or hard. The texture is consistent every time.

How Do You Cook Soy Curls?

The instructions say that you need to rehydrate them in water for 8 to 10 minutes, then drain. I have never prepared them that way.

Looks delicious!

I’ve made them two ways. This method uses an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker:

  1. Break the soy curls into bite sized chunks. (They break really easily!)
  2. Make sure you have liquid in your liner pot. Throw in all your ingredients including the soy curls. Don’t worry if the soy curls aren’t touching the liquid. The pressure will create enough steam to soften them.
  3. Cook as normal.


  1. Fill a bowl with liquid
  2. Break up the soy curls and put them in the bowl.
  3. Let sit for 5 minutes.
  4. Microwave for 1 minute. They’re ready to add to your meal!

What’s My Recommendation?

I am all thumbs up on soy curls! They rehydrated easily. They have great texture that mimics meat strips. They are tender and retain the flavors around them. They keep well. I kept my first bag in refrigerator, but my next bag went in the freezer. They don’t stick together when frozen, so you can pull out as many as you need each time rather than cooking the whole bag.

One bag is sufficient for several meals for one person. If you break them into pieces, a few strips go a long way.

You can cook them whole or break them up. They work well no matter how you cook them.

Click for more info – available on

If you miss meat, this is another product you have to fill that craving.If you’re like me and don’t miss meat, you’ll appreciate that soy curls add more texture to your dishes.

Butler Foods has done a great job creating a meat replacement that is easy to cook with and tastes great! I’ve been a vegan for many years. How come you guys didn’t tell me about these earlier?

Soy Curls are also available on the Butler Foods website.

I bought this product on my own and was not compensated by any entity. This review is my own opinion.


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