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The Lazy Vegan Got An Instant Pot!

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Every time I’d look at my Facebook feed it seemed like one of my friends was bragging about their Instant Pot.  It was awesome, it was convenient, and it saved time. Boy, was I jealous!  I could use some awesome, convenience, and time-saving in my kitchen, too.  I’m not jealous anymore because I got an Instant Pot Duo Mini for my birthday. Now I’m in the club and I can’t wait to test it out.

What is an Instant Pot?

instant pot mini duo with lid
Instant Pot thinks of everything including a place to hang lid!

You mean, you don’t own one? I thought I was the last person to get one!

The Instant Pot is an appliance simplifies the cooking process by combining several appliances into one.  Depending on the model, it is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice steamer.

It can saute and keep foods warm. Some have other settings like stew, soup, yogurt, and multi-grain.

You have a number of preset functions that streamline cooking. But, you can also work in manual mode.

What are the Benefits of an Instant Pot?


instant pot mini duo pot
Instant Pot Duo Mini can make enough food for 2

You only need one appliance instead of three or four.  It replaces your steamer, crock pot, and pressure cooker.  It can do almost everything you can do on a stove.  I’ve been told that you can bake in it, too…like, cakes.  Seems impossible, but I’ve seen the pictures.

In many modes, it speeds up the cooking time substantially.  Rice in 4 minutes, beans in 15-20.

For every mode, but saute, it’s hands off cooking. Put the ingredients in, twist the lid into place, set the mode, and you’re done until it starts beeping.

Why I Chose the Mini Over The Regular Sized Instant Pot

There were a couple of reasons I chose the 3 quart Duo Mini as opposed to the 6 or 8 quart Instant Pots.

instant pot duo mini
Instant Pot Duo Mini is available on

I cook for myself, sometimes for my mom. 1 cup of uncooked rice is a couple of meals. 2 cups of cooked rice gives me enough to freeze.  I think I read somewhere that this pot can make 7 cuts of rice.  I’d be set for a couple of months.

I was also worried about the size and weight.  Some of the Instant Pots, and similar devices, come in at 15-20 lbs.  The Duo Mini is about 8 lbs. I am a small person, but I also have arthritis. I know if the appliance is too big and hefty, I won’t be able to manipulate it. I know my limitations.  I can move the Duo Mini around easily.  It’s not heavy or awkward at all.

The Duo Mini is the perfect size for the amount of food I want to make and for my limitations.

Where are the Instant Pot Vegan Recipes?

There are a few Instant Pot cookbooks geared towards vegans.  However, there are none for the Instant Pot Duo Mini. I’m having a little trouble finding vegan recipes out on the web. It cooks vegetables and grains as well as meat, so get on the ball vegan recipe creators!

I’ve been collecting Instant Pot vegan recipes and cooking tips on Pinterest. Follow my board to get awesome cooking ideas.

The Duo Mini is still fairly new. Because of it’s smaller since, recipes have to be adapted for it. I’ve joined the Instant Pot Mini for One or Two group on Facebook for ideas. But, outside of that, it looks like I’ll be winging it.

I’ll be posting my cooking attempts as I go along. I don’t plan on making mistakes, but you know I will.  Hopefully, we all can learn from them. At least, I hope not to make the same mistake twice!

The Water Test is Done!

instant pot duo mini measuring cup
My Instant Pot Duo Mini passed the water test. Now I’m ready to cook!

Before you can cook in your Instant Pot, it’s recommended that you do a water test to make sure it is sealing correctly and coming to pressure.

My pot passed with flying colors.

Let the experimentation begin!

Do you have an Instant Pot? Which one do you own?  Do you have a tip that will save the rest of us beginners some headaches? Do you have any vegan Instant Pot Recipes that you’d be willing to share? If so, tell us about it in the comments!


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