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Quinoa or Brown Rice Pasta, Which Microwaves Best?

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The vegan kitchen is sometimes akin to working in a laboratory.  Some experiments work well. Others don’t.  But, you keep trying until you get it right.  This is how I feel about microwaving pasta.

Does One Type of Pasta Microwave Better Than Other?

My first attempt at cooking quinoa pasta in the microwave was well, I’m not going to lie, It wasn’t pretty.  It didn’t turn out exactly as I planned.

Although I followed the directions on my microwave steamer, what I got was a soggy mess.  Once I rinsed it in the strainer, it was fine.   There was no problem with the taste or texture.

The cleanup was a nightmare.

This is the residue that seeped over the pot

Anyone know what to do with pasta goo?  Maybe I could use it for putty.

I kept trying though.  You can read about how I experimented with my pasta microwaving directions and got a little better results.  At least they weren’t gooey!

Next Attempt, Rice Macaroni

I decided to try microwaving brown rice macaroni.  I must admit I’m not all that big of a fan of brown rice pasta.  I tried it about 15 years ago.  It was awful.  It stunk.  It tasted like it smelled.  But, they don’t call me tenacious for nothing!  So, I tried again.

This time  the results were excellent.  The pasta came out perfectly cooked.

There wasn’t any goo on the outside of the pot or the drip plate. I didn’t have to rinse off the macaroni either.  The brown rice pasta came out exactly the same as if I’d boiled it on the stove. And, the taste has improved a lot since the early 2000.  I actually liked it!

Looks like something you’d want to eat, right?

microwave brown rice pasta
Brown rice pasta microwaves well

Was it the Type of Pasta?

Why the different results?  Is their something different about the composition of quinoa pasta that makes it more difficult to microwave than brown rice pasta?  Could the brand of pasta matter?

There must be something different between quinoa and rice pasta.  Otherwise, the brown rice pasta would have had the same gooey slime boiled out of the steamer and dripping from the noodles.

What’s your opinion?  Do you microwave pasta?  If so, how does it turn out?  Give us your tips in the comments!

brown rice pasta and peas
Brown rice pasta looks yummy, doesn’t it?

I’ll Be Microwaving More Soon!

I guess I’m a convert to brown rice pasta.  I have to admit that it was delicious.  It didn’t have that “brown rice” smell I remember so many years ago.

Now that I’ve figure out the whole microwaving pasta thing, I’ll be eating it more often.









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