Vegans eat all kind of good food for lunch

What Do Vegans Eat for Lunch?

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It seems like such a silly question.  Food, of course. Seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked things like “But, what DO you eat?    It is kind of annoying, but I understand where it comes from.  Meat eaters see meals in a form of meat and whatever.  When you minus the meat, they’re a little bit confused on how to proceed.

Lots of vegans eat salads for lunch.  They may also eat pasta, grains, burritos, tacos, or any number of things that are similar to the meat version minus the animal products.  You can get pretty creative depending on which vegetables you have on hand.

Me?  I like sandwiches, so that is what I usually have for lunch.  I might vary my bread between light and dark rye, sourdough, or a pita pocket depending on what’s in the house. Vegetable based sandwiches are simple and easy to make especially if you have steamed vegetables.  My sandwiches don’t have a hunk of lunch meat in the middle.  They have vegetables, fruit, garlic, greens, lettuce, beans, and/or tofu. This sandwich has broccoli, cauliflower, peas, spinach, and garlic on light rye.  It’s topped with my homemade vegan soy yogurt.   Yum!

Vegan sandwich topped with homemade yogurt

Here’s one idea for lunch, an Avocado Steamed Vegetable Sandwich.  It’s tasty and is a good use of leftover veggies. This was my sandwich yesterday. We boiled beets the day before, so I mixed them crookneck squash and steamed veggies. The beets are so sweet that they add their own flavor to the mixture.   It’s on toasted Jewish Rye bread.  I threw in some Daily Crave chips.  Doesn’t it look delicious?

Beets make a delicious sandwich

I usually keep steamed vegetables on hand in the fridge.  Then, I combine that with whatever looks good on any given day.  I’ve always got beans  in the freezer .  Sometimes I buy tofu, eat some and freeze some.   Add avocado, squash, and whatever else is available.  All of this stuff can make a really tasty lunch. Really, it isn’t all that complicated.  A good vegetable sandwich will satisfy me any day.  How about you?


9 thoughts on “What Do Vegans Eat for Lunch?”

  1. What has always confused me about the vegan lifestyle is if you eat dairy products and eggs or if this is an optional choice for participants in this form of diet.

    1. Lorelei, Thanks for your question! Vegans don’t eat dairy or egg products. Where it gets iffy is honey. Some vegans don’t eat honey because bees are animals and it is an animal product. Others don’t feel that honey products is the same as milk, eggs, and meat, and do eat it.

  2. I can imagine you do get those questions often. I’m sure I’m one who has asked it on occasion! While I love my fresh fruits and veggies, I enjoy my meats too.

    1. Ruth, thanks for your comment! I think any time we find someone with a different lifestyle or diet, we tend to be curious about it. The same goes for health issues. When people find out you’ve been diagnosed with something, they either have a number of questions or untested advice.

  3. As a vegetarian-leaning flexitarian, I still consume plenty of cream, butter and eggs, and rarely, meat. When a member of my household decided to go vegan, I had trouble coming up with recipes that met all our needs, but more and more I’m finding delicious ways to cook and serve without my favorite, and oh-so-fattening dairy ingredients.

    We always incorporated legumes, nuts and seeds into our diet, but we eat a lot more of them now. As for your question, lunch for me is often a bowl of homemade tomato soup with a couple of slices of homemade whole wheat sourdough bread slathered with fresh-ground peanut butter. One of my favorite meals!

  4. Good idea, to keep steamed vegetables in the fridge! I could do that. My favorite sandwich currently: avocado and onions on toast.

    Another favorite lunch is vegan burritos. The filling could be leftover rice and vegetables. Or potatoes with tomatoes and onion. Something like that. Fresh lettuce added, with salsa.

    1. Linda, thanks for your comments! You’ve found some creative ways to make lunch without a lot of effort. By the way one of the things I like to do is take a burrito and cut it in half. Then, I mix the half up with steamed vegetables. Warm it up in the microwave and it’s like a burrito casserole for one.

  5. Melody, I really enjoyed seeing some of your vegan lunch ideas. While my husband and I don’t follow a vegan diet, in recent years we have been eating a much more plant-based diet (Kathryn Grace’s wonderful term “flexitarian” is a pretty apt description for how we eat as well). Thanks for sharing some of your typical lunch foods. They’re excellent inspiration (especially since I often forget to each lunch!). 🙂

    1. Margaret, thanks for stopping by! It’s great to be getting in more healthful meals. Vegetables can be quite satisfying in a variety of ways.

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