It's easy to steam squash in the microwave

It’s Time for Summer Squash

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It’s so nice to see summer squash on the store shelves again–besides zucchini, that is.  Don’t get me wrong.  Zucchini is okay as far as squash goes.  It isn’t my favorite though.  I prefer patty pan or eight ball which have a little different flavor and texture.


Summer squash is one of the easiest produce to cook in the microwave.  You can do it in a microwave safe bowl.  I prefer my microwave steamer pot which has vent holes in the lid.  This allows for the food to cook all the way through.  The squash is juicier, too.

Simple microwave steamer pot with vented lid

You don’t really need a fancy steamer pot for squash.  You can use one with vent holes all over the lid like mine or one of those vent caps that you open when cooking.  Either type works well.  I would recommend a pot with handles.  This stuff is HOT when it is done!

One of the benefits of the type of lid with multiple holes is that you can drain out the liquid if you need to.  This is trickier to do with a vent cap.


Clean the squash first.  Get off any dirt and funky spots.  Then, I cut it into chunks.  It will fit in the pot better.  It seems to cook more completely than with larger pieces.

Squash cut into chunks, ready for the microwave

Depending on your microwave and the type of squash, it can take 4-8 minutes to cook.  I start with 4 then add 2 more minutes.  Low wattage microwaves will need more cooking time and higher wattage ones will need less time. Play around with it until you get it right. Check the squash periodically and poke with a fork until you have the right tenderness.

The squash looks good, doesn’t it?

Microwave steamed summer squash, ready to eat

It’s off to the fridge.  I’ll add it to sandwiches, pasta, and whatever else I decide to eat.  Not my breakfast though.  No squash in the cereal!






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