I Tried the Skout Bar: A Review

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I like having a granola or nutrition bar in the afternoon.  This week I tried a new one, The Skout Organic Trailbar.  The flavor was Chocolate Plus Peanut Butter.

This is not a nutty granola kind of bar, although there are small bits of peanuts mixed in. The texture is more like a compacted brownie.  It is a cross between the Chocolate Brownie Zbar and a Nugo Free Chocolate Crunch.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Skout Bar

The ingredient list is fairly simple:  dates, peanuts, oats, agave nectar, cocoa liquor, almonds, sea salt.  Most of the ingredients are organic and the chocolate is fair trade.

It was delicious!  It’s very chocolatey with a hint of peanut butter.  If you need a chocolate fix, this will give it to you!

I was a little disappointed in the size.  I expected a larger bar considering it has 18 grams of sugar.  That is more than a Nugo Dark Chocolate Chip Bar which has 14 grams–and the Nugo is larger (and more satisfying). At 18 grams of sugar for this size, it is more like a candy bar.

This is one half of a Skout bar.

Skout Trail Bar

This bar tastes good.  But the small size and high amount of sugar grams makes me reluctant to have it as an everyday snack.  I would have to split them in half as I try to keep my sugar grams within a certain range each day.  A half of a Skout Bar is not a satisfying snack in my opinion.  If it was larger, I’d be thrilled!  It’s a good occasional snack though.

Disclaimer:  I was not given any compensation for this review.  I bought the Skout bar myself.  This review is my own opinion.


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