Are You Ready for Easter Dinner?

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It’s that time of year.  It’s Easter.  Time for you to field all those questions…

Don’t you miss ham?

Can’t you have one egg?

You can’t have chocolate, it’s dairy right?

I am sure you’ve heard them all. And, there are probably some that are specific to your little group.

How do you prepare for these family gatherings? Do you hope that something will be animal free or do you bring your own food?  I usually bring my own food, at least some sort of grain that will suffice as a meal.  I’ll mix it with spinach, peas, carrots, or whatever vegetables I have on hand.  I really don’t need much to have a decent meal and I can always munch on something when I get home.

These types of gatherings can be stressful.  It can feel like a night of night of twenty questions especially if you are a new vegan.  The thing is it’s all about being with family. The food really isn’t all that important. Getting together and enjoying each others company is what is important.


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