The Birthday Feast

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We celebrated my birthday and my sister’s birthday with family over the weekend.  It’s always difficult finding something that everyone likes…the vegans and the carnivores, that is.  Both my sister and I are vegan so we got to pick.  Hey, it’s one time of year we get what we want.  The rest of the parties we have to bring our own food.

This birthday my sister and I settled on Rigatoni’s as they have a pretty good pasta in a meatless sauce.

For ourselves (who cares what everyone else ate?  LOL), we got spaghetti.  We ordered two of these.  With some sourdough bread and cake for dessert it was more than plenty.

Rigatoni's Spaghetti

This is what it looks like close up.  It’s a rich tomato sauce with mushrooms.  I must admit that it is a little two rich for me.  I can only eat it two days in a row, so I’ll have plenty to freeze.

Close up of Rigatoni's Spaghetti

Doesn’t that look delicious?

For dessert, we had Whole Foods vegan chocolate cake.  This is one chocolatey cake!  It passed my brother’s smell test, too.  Everyone enjoyed it despite it being vegany.

Almost finished…

Delicious, dreamy vegan chocolate cake

I barely remembered to get a photo before I devoured it.  LOL

I’d say the birthday dinner was a huge hit.  Tasty and satisfying.






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