Leftovers All for Me

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One great things about having your birthday party at home is you get to keep the leftovers.  I can only eat tomato two days in a row before I become an itch fest.  So, I scooped up whatever was leftover the second night and put it in the freezer.

The chocolate cake was another thing altogether.  Although it wouldn’t be good for me, I could eat chocolate all day.  I could have devoured all the leftover cake if I let myself.  Granted, this is a pretty big chunk…

vegan chocolate cake

Instead, I decided to cut it up into small pieces and freeze it.  That way, I could enjoy it for several weeks.  I don’t buy cake very often. The next time I have it might be Thanksgiving.

leftover vegan cake in freezer bags

This should last me.  LOL

Combined with the leftover spaghetti, I think I’m pretty well set for awhile.

Food in bags ready to freeze



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