Sprucing Up a Box of Cream Soup

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I can be pretty handy with a box of soup.

Recently I bought some cream of broccoli soup. I hadn’t bought any in a long time. Aren’t the new containers cute? They fit nicely on the pantry shelf and don’t take up much space in the fridge.


_20150112_3273pink sunset

I really like cream soups. The problem is they never seem filling. I can sop it up with bread, but that really doesn’t hit the spot.

I had some leftover veggies in the fridge. I dumped what was left in the container into my soup bowl. Then, I heated it up.

Instant broccoli and mixed vegetable soup…

_20150112_3275pink sunset

By adding vegetables, I can make more of a meal of it. But, I can also make the container last longer. I got three bowls of soup out of this one.

I’ve got another container. I think with one serving I might try using it as a sauce over veggies and potatoes. I think it would be tasty this way, don’t you?

Do you ever buy cream soup then add other stuff to it to make it heartier? What do you like to add.


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