What Does a Vegan Eat at a Wedding?

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A few weeks ago, I went to a wedding. I was happy that in advance I was asked what type of dish I wanted. Vegan was one of the choices.

I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was handed a plate with grilled portabello mushrooms, mixed vegetables, and salad.  The mushrooms had a tomato sauce which was delicious but a bit rich for me. There was also bread and rice that was vegan.

vegan dinner plate at wedding with portabello mushrooms
Portabello Mushrooms with grilled veggies were served

I enjoyed the dinner even though my non-vegan niece had to taste my mushroom, then devoured half of it. That’s how good it was!

Nothing compared to the mini cupcakes we were served while everyone got cake. They were chocolate with a sweet frosting. I believe I ate three. That would explain why even though I didn’t get home until almost midnight that I couldn’t fall asleep until well past 2 am. Sugar zing!

It was nice to see that wedding fare accommodates those with special dietary needs. The bride has Celiacs and is particularly sensitive to other food needs.


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