The Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

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I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.  A small group of us (only 5) had dinner at my sister’s house.  We had our traditional carnivore/vegan meal with turkey, Tofurkey, mashed potatoes, asparagus, corn, stuffing, wild rice, and a bun.  I think there was plenty for everyone!

Vegan Torfurkey Dinner
Tofurkey with mashed potatoes, asparagus, wild rice, and stuffing

My sister picked up two slices of vegan chocolate cake at Whole Foods to go along with our meal. Man, was it delicious! It’s the best dairy free cake that I’ve ever had. Whole Foods knows how to do it right.

Much to our surprise this year’s Tofurkey box had something extra special: There was a big brownie inside! Since we had cake we didn’t really need the brownie, but we split it and I’m going to enjoy mine over the weekend. It’s so nice that there are dairy free desserts out there. When I first became a vegan, you couldn’t find anything like this at the store.

vegan dairy free brownie
Vegan Brownie in our Tofurkey box

I think I am official full!


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