Best Avocados all Summer!

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I love avocados.  I try to eat a couple every week.  They go great with vegetable sandwiches.

For some reason, we’ve gotten some really crappy ones.  I’ve cut open more avocados with black, grey, and brown spots.  They seem to take forever to ripen and when they do they aren’t worth eating. Some were so bad, they ended up in the compost bin in the shell.  Avocados cost too much to waste like that!

Two weeks ago, I bought a package of four avocados at Trader Joe’s.  They were rock hard, so I put them in a brown paper bag to ripen.

It took almost a week before the first one was ready.  The others soon followed.  Each one has had a nice green color and creamy texture.  No strings and very few bad spots.

I cut open the last one today, thinking this one would be the loser since it took the longest to ripe.  It was almost perfect.  I only had to remove one corner that was a little brown.  And, it was delicious!

These have been, by far, the best avocados of the season.


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