15 Minute Vegan Burger

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I really like the Fantastic Foods Nature’s Burger Original mix.  It’s a tasty burger that is more grainy than meaty (for those of us who really don’t miss meat).

I hate dragging out a pan to make one or two burgers. I figured out that these can be microwaved just as easily.  Here’s what I do:

1.  Microwave a quarter to a half a cup of water in the microwave.

2.  Pour however much Nature Burger mix you would like in a bowl.

3.  Pour some of the heated water over the mix and stir.  Add a little more water so that it is moist but not soggy.

4.  Let sit for 10 minutes.  (After the 10 minutes, if the burger seems too dry, add more water.  It’s better for it to be too moist than not moist enough.  Not enough water makes a burger that is dry and hard.)

5.  Form patties on a microwave plate.

6.  Heat for 1 minute on high in the microwave.

7.  Flip with a spatula or fork.  The burger might fall apart.  That’s okay.  Just reform it.

8.  Heat for another minute.

It should be lightly toasted on the outside, but easy to cut with a fork.  You may have to heat it a little more.  But, don’t heat it for too long.  Otherwise, you will have one hard, crunchy burger.

If you make more than one burger, they can go in the fridge or freezer in a freezer bag.  You may have to add a little water to them before reheating in the microwave.



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