Really Lazy Tofu

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I hate dealing with tofu.  The brand I buy comes in a plastic tub.  It seems so sloshy!  Even though I open it over a bowl, I end up spilling some on the counter every time.

I bought a tub of the Nasoya Super Firm Cubed Tofu.  Don’t even have to cut it up!

Opening the tub may be worse than the other type.  Instead of a big block of tofu to wiggle out, you’ve got hundreds of little cubes.

I was curious as to what the texture would be.  Would the ends be dry or colored because the tofu is cut up?  Nope!  This stuff is every bit as good quality as the tofu that comes in blocks.  The texture was fine and there was no discoloration that I could fine.  It tasted pretty good too.

At least now, I won’t have to cut any up.  All I have to do is open the ziploc bag and pour a few on my plate.

I’m not sure I’ll buy this again, though it tasted as good as the other brand I normally buy.  I’m just not sure it saves all that much time not having to cut it up myself.


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