I Cooked Radishes!

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I loved radishes as a kid.  We would eat the red radishes raw mixed in with salad greens. But, their burp factor made them impossible to eat as an adult.

Until recently I had no idea of the variety of radishes.  I thought “red” was it!  And, I didn’t know that people cooked them.  So, why shouldn’t I give it a try?

I bought a bunch of Easter Egg radishes, which come in white, pink, red, and lavender.  I decided to steam them  in the microwave.  I scrubbed a small white one and small red one, figuring if it didn’t turn out, at least I wouldn’t be wasting much.  I left them whole, but removed the greens. I put them in a small glass bowl with a little water on the bottom, then cover them with the lid with a crack for ventilation.  I microwaved them on high for 2 minutes.

They turned out very well.  Soft but not chewy.  I chopped one up and put it on my vegetable salad.  It was pretty tasty.  Four hours later and no backlash.  I’ll eat the second one just to tempt fate.

It looks like I might be able to add radishes back to my diet.  I can’t eat them raw, but it looks like cooked radishes are okay.  I’m always happy when I can add something back.  It happens so rarely!


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