Where’s the Vegetables, Uncle Ben?

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I bought a bag of the Uncle Ben’s Garden Vegetable Ready Rice. It proclaims “with peas, carrots, and corn”.

I didn’t really read the nutritional facts until I got it home.  Woah! 830 milligrams of sodium per serving, two servings per bag.  That wasn’t going to do!  I had some rice already made, so I mixed the two together.  At least, that cut the sodium level down.

I’m glad that I made vegetables to go with it.  I think there were 5 carrot pieces, 4 peas, and about 8 corn kernels in my serving.  Uncle Ben’s garden must be really wimpy if this is all that it can produce.

It was a tasty bag of rice without a plasticky taste.  It cooked well.  But, it had way too much sodium and didn’t live up to the Garden Vegetable name.  More vegetables, Uncle Ben!


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