Uncle Ben’s Ready to Serve Rice Mixes

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I noticed that Target had a few varieties of Uncle Ben’s Ready to Serve Rice Mixes.  I bought a couple to test them out.

The first one I made was the “Whole Grain Brown Rice”.  It has no fat and only 15 mg. of sodium.  It cooked well.  The rice had that steamed texture and wasn’t clumpy.

The only thing I didn’t like is it’s mixed with oil.  Why do people cook rice with oil?  It makes it, well, oily.  The first night I ate it that way.  The second night I mixed it with Kashi Original Pilaf.  That worked well.  The rice texture was no longer oily.

Target only has 3 varieties, but I see on the Uncle Ben’s website that they sell many different types like Garden Vegetable, Jasmine, and Basmati.  I will probably buy more, but it will be something that I’ll mix with something else.  The oily texture is a turn off.


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