Are Your Snacks Shrinking Too?

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I’m beginning to think that I need to get my eyes checked.  Every snack I’ve bought over the last couple of weeks appears to be smaller.  Is this a sign of the bad economic times we’re in?  Shrinking food?

Case in point, Nature Valley bars.  A year ago, they seemed to be longer and thicker.  I could eat one bar and feel satisfied.  The bars are shorter and thinner now.  When I eat one, I’m already reaching for the second.

Though they are shrinking, they seem to have the same amount of sugar and sodium.  How the heck does that work?

It’s not just Nature Valley bars.  I’ve noticed it with others stuff.  I’m not sure if they don’t changed their packaging or they add something to the mix that fluffs up the weight and makes it appear to be the same size.  Either way, they price hasn’t come down and it makes me feel like I’ve been cheated.


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