My Food Related New Year’s Resolution

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I’m not one for making New Year’s resolution because they seem destined to fail.  With the US economy doing so pourly, I have been forced to take a look at some of my own habits.  How can I get the most for my money, where can I cut back?

I noticed a terrible habit that I have.  I buy stuff to eat and then two or three weeks later I find moldy mush in the back of the vegetable drawer.  My intentions are noble, but my forgetfulness is legendary.  Vegetables that sounded good on Monday are forgotten by Wednesday.

I decided that my resolution would be to buy only what I need and only what I plan to use.  If I buy it, I have to finish it.  No throwing away a full bag of potatoes because I forgot they were there or I wasn’t in the mood.  I would attempt to eat everything I buy within reason.  Hey, I’m not eating anything moldy!  LOL

How I am I doing?  I got off to a rocky start.  With my family member in the hospital five days, my mind was on other things.  Then when he was released and brought home, we had some adjustments to make.

But, I reaffirmed myself on February 1st.  Since then I’ve done pretty darn good.  I’m throwing out less.  I get a certain sense of satisfaction when I empty a bag of vegetables.  It taste much better as a sandwich than it does in my garbage can.  It saves me money.  The more I make meals out of and the less I throw out is money saved.  Plus, I don’t feel nearly as guilty.  There are people starving all over the country in this bad economy.  It’s no time to be throwing out perfectly good food.

So that’s my new year’s resolution.  Did you make any food related resolutions this year?


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