The Search for the Perfect Microwaved Baby Carrot Ends

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If you ever tried to cook baby carrots in the microwave, you know that they usually end up two ways. They’re either hard as a rock or shrivelled up and lifeless.

I’ve attempted to cook baby carrots in the microwave many times. Most of the times I failed. I learned that they needed to be completely covered with water, but it wasn’t a surefire solution. Most of the time the bags would rot in my vegetable keeper because I didn’t feel like hassling.

I’ve recently become addicting to yellow baby carrots. Their a little tastier than their orange counterparts. Being the lazy person that I am, I decided to just throw them on my plate before I heated them up. They’d at least be warm.

You know what? Those were the best baby carrots I ever had! They were warm and softened just enough that they didn’t break my teeth. It looks like it takes about 1 minute with other food on the plate.

This is the only way I cook baby carrots now.


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