Attune Probiotic Bars

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Found a new, little tasty treat for the chocolate junkies out there. It’s the Attune Chocolate Probiotic Wellness Bar. I know, you’re saying “healthy? yuck!” Oh, but you are so wrong!

Each bar has 10 grams of sodium and 8 grams of sugar. They aren’t very large. Maybe half the size of regular chocolate bar. They’ve got something the other bars don’t: 5 times the amount of probiotics (the good bacteria) than yogurt. I don’t really know how they keep the bacteria alive in shipping. I’ll take their word for it that it works.

I tried the Chocolate Crisp bar. It’s very much like a Nestle Crunch Bar. The texture is good and the chocolate is, mmmmmm! I’m a chocoholic and this bar hit the spot!

I’m going to try the dark chocolate and mint dark chocolate next. I’ll probably like those even more as I’m a dark chocolate freak. (They’ve got some non-chocolate variets but those are not vegan.)

Learn more about Attune bars at their website:


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