Andi Bar

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I tried the ANDI Chocolate Shake bar recently. I found it at an online gluten free store.

The ingredients include: Fruitrim® (brown rice syrup, organic grape juice), almond butter, rice protein, organic gluten-free crispy brown rice, organic flax seeds, stabilized rice bran, Vance’s Chocolate Dari-Free™, chocolate, salt. It’s dairy free and gluten free.

The bar has the consistency of a brownie. It’s chocolatey. I was expecting a fruity taste because of the grape juice, but I have to admit it tasted pretty darn good! There’s only 8 grams of sugar in the whole bar which is amazing. Usually fruit sweetened snacks are around 18-20 grams. It wasn’t bitter and tasted like a chocolate brownie.

The portion is good sized too. Some stuff I’ve ordered recently has low sugar but the size is so small that you probably need two to feel satisfy.

I haven’t tried the other varieties yet. It comes in Blueberry Muffin, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Vanilla Shake.


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