No Sugar Chocolate Bars

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Get ready for the revolution! Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But, as a serious chocolate lover who is vegan and cutting down on sugar, finding any kind of chocolate that I can eat is simple a miracle. Oh, there are lots of vegan products with chocolate. Most are so laden with sugar grams that you might as well just suck on sugar cane like the old commercials.

My sister bought some Amber Lyn Chocolates when they had a food tasting display at CostCo. She was kind enough to share one Dark Chocolate Bar with me. Yeah, just one! Sheesh, what a sister.

The Dark Chocolate bars are dairy free and sweetened with wheat based maltitol. They contain 15 grams of sugar alcohol and no sugar grams.

After trying that first tidbit, I need more! I bought a mixed case from their website. I tried the Dark Chocolate, Dark Hazelnut Chocolate, Dark Mint Chocolate, and Dark Hazelnut Chocolate with Almonds. While all were tasty, the Dark Mint Chocolate was by far the best. I really couldn’t taste the difference between the Dark Chocolate and the Dark Hazelnut Chocolate. The Almond version as slightly less sugar alcohol grams than the other bars.

I’m not sure how sugar grams and sugar alcohol grams compare. I know the body converts them differently. I am dividing the bars into the threes and eating a chunk at a time, so that’s only 5 sugar alcohol grams.

If you’d like to check them out, here’s the website:


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