Low Sugar Cereals are Few and Far Between

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I’m trying to cut back on my sugar grams for health reasons. It sounds like a smart thing to do. I love breakfast cereal. I can’t eat anything hot in the morning. Cereal fills me up.

So, I set out on the Internet and at the grocery store to find low or no sugar cereals. Oh, man! What a challenge!

First, anything labelled “no sugar” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Most of the time they replaced the sugar with two or three different sweeteners. Because of this, some of the healthy cereals had more sugar grams than your average overly sweetened children’s cereal.

Second, finding low sugar and no dairy was next to impossible. Evidentally, they add dairy to cereal to replace some of the taste lost from the lack of sugar. That’s what I’m guessing.

I eventually found four cereals that met my criteria of low sugar grams and dairy free/vegan. Just four! They were Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs, Rice Puffs (a couple of brands), Cheerios (1 gram per bowl), and Spoon Sized Shredded Wheat.

Well, I already knew I liked Cheerios. Rice Puffs are fine if I mix them with something, otherwise, I have to eat 3 bowls to get full. I haven’t tried the shredded wheat yet, but the Kashi was a pleasant suprise. It’s got puffs but also crunchy grains. It’s very tasty.

If you’ve found a low sugar, vegan cereal, post the name in the comments. I am eager to find enough alternatives to bring variety back into my diet.


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