Tempeh Anyone?

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After being vegan for several years, I finally bought tempeh. Have you tried it? It’s a fermented soy product that mimics meat in recipes. It can be straight soy bean or it can be mixed with grains.

I don’t miss meat, but sometimes I like something else in my sandwiches. I bought LightLife’s Three Grain Tempeh and gave it a try.

It looks a little strange, but it’s really versatile. I took a hunk, crumbled it into my vegetables, and heated in the microwave. It came out really good! The Three Grain has a kind of grainy/nutty taste.

It freezes well. I put small chunks in freezer bags, then take what I need.

I haven’t tried it but it might make a good pattie.

If you’re looking for a little more texture to your meals, something on the line of ground beef or tuna (in texture, not taste!), then give this a try. It’s a good filler!


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