Throw it in a Tortilla!

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I’m always looking for ways to make dinner quick and easy. I realized a couple of weeks ago that vegetables microwave very well when wrapped in a tortilla. Make sure the vegetables are quick cooking. Fresh broccoli, shredded carrots, chopped zucchini, frozen peas, canned beans, and many others can be thrown in a tortilla.

Here’s what I do:
Rinse a handful of broccoli. Break up the florets and throw them in the tortilla.
Rinse some mixed greens and throw those on top of the broccoli.
Wrap it up like a burrito.

Microwave for 1 minute. Let cool a bit. (Although you can touch the outside the inside will be steaming hot.)

It’s a really easy way to have a nutritious meal. And, it’s filling. You can throw in a variety of vegetables and they steam up really nicely.


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