The Beauty of Braising Mix

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I have to admit that I never liked kale, chard, and many of the other greens. They were too bitter or too stiff for me.

A few weeks ago, I happened upon braising mix which is a collection of mixed greens. Feeling adventurous, I bought the bag. Now, I am addicted.

Each bag has a variety of greens. Some I can figure out (kale, spinach, red chard, beet greens, friese) and other’s I’ve got no clue about. They are so delicious though! I have been tossing greens in everything. It’s an improvement over plain old lettuce on a sandwich. I’ve thrown it into tortillas filled with veggies. It can be steamed by itself or added to anything you like.

Greens are good for you. You get a variety of vitamins and minerals. A bonus is the good bacteria in your intestinal tract feed on greens. The more greens you eat, the happier you are.

So, now I’ve added something new to my diet. I probably should have tried this sooner. I’m the type of person who likes my food mixed. I never care for one vegetable at dinner. I always have three or more. By getting mixed greens, the more bitter leaves are camouflaged by the gentler tasting ones. And, if you get beet greens, you get to make everything red! (An extra added bonus! LOL)


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