Sharing in the Holiday Meals

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It can be really rough for people with stomach woe’s and food allergies to enjoy the holiday season. Someone is always tempting you with a gooey cookie or a tantalizing smell from the kitchen. Saying “sorry, I can’t have any” can make a person feel left out. Everyone else is digging in why you’re clinging to the green salad and bread. And, then they give you those pitying stares. “How sad that so and so can’t eat this”.

The easiest way out is to cook for yourself. It’s really too difficult to make others understand that you can’t have milk, wheat, gravy, fatty foods, or whatever. There isn’t anything preventing you from baking your goodies or buying some that you know can eat.

I have to be a bit careful. Even safe foods can be overdone. With holidays like Christmas where the festivities drag over two days, I am careful. I bring my own food. The important thing is to share dinner. I don’t lament the things I can’t have.

Christmas Evening after all the required functions are over and I’m safe at home (and near the bathroom), I will indulge in my favorite chocolatey “safe” treats. I may even have a glass of Ahlaska hot cocoa. It’s just reward for being good with so many threats around. And, I deserve it!


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