Just a Good Cup of Soup

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I miss having easy to cook foods. Sometimes I’m just plain lazy and I don’t feel like making anything. I could have a sandwich, but that gets old really quick. I guess I could have a salad, but I never really consider salad a meal.

The answer to my prayers…Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods. You may be familiar with Dr. John McDougall and his philosophies on vegetarian diets. A couple of years ago, he came out with a food line based on that diet. There are a variety of soups, side dishes, and breakfast meals all in handy cups that can be made in about 5 minutes. I liked some of their soups and side dishes, but I always had a problem with the serving size (too small) and the seasonings (too much).

The Right Foods folks have solved my problem. First, they’ve made each cup bigger. Add a piece of bread, crackers, or a rice cake and you have a meal. Second, the seasonings now come in individually sealed packages. Now, I can add as little seasoning as I like and still enjoy my meal. What a great idea!

The meal cups come in a variety of flavors and all can be heated easily by adding boiling water (microwaving water for 1 minute works perfectly)


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