Bumblebar Review

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I don’t normally like health bars. Usually they have too many ingredients that disagree with my stomach.

Bumblebars are made with a minimum of ingredients. Ingredients vary, however, you’ll find an abundance of seeds and nuts in each bar. All varieties are certified organic and are gluten, dairy, and wheat free. Each is chewy and tastes a bit like a granola bar. They are rich in fiber, so if fiber is lacking from your diet this is one way to get it.

I really like the Chocolate Crisp. It’s chocolatey enough for my taste buds, but not like a candy bar. I also enjoy the original flavor. I can’t eat the others as they contain honey. For some reason, honey and I don’t get along.

You might find Bumblebars as a local health food store. You can order direct from www.bumblebar.com as well. If you order from the website, sign up for the newsletter. Each month they offer a case discount on one flavor. When it’s Chocolate Crisp I stock up.

This is snack you can indulge in. It taste good and it has nutritional value. You can check out the different varieties to see if you’d like to try them at the Bumblebar website.


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