Cocoa Mix that Tastes Great

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I have always been addicted to chocolate milk. I never even liked regular milk. If it didn’t have three scoops of chocolate, I didn’t want to drink it.

When I became lactose intolerance, I gave up on milk and went to soy milk. Trying to find a chocolate milk substitute wasn’t easy. Most of the premade beverages weren’t very chocolatey. Some were gritty and others had a distinct cardboard taste. I also tried powders that could be mixed with soy milk or water. Most were unsweetened. You had to be a chemist to figure out how much chocolate powder and how much sweetener to use. Others were sweetened but didn’t mix well.

I came across Ah!laska’s Non-Dairy Hot Cocoa Mix while browsing an online store. This is one of the best hot cocoa mixes I’ve tried. It makes a chocolate tasting hot cocoa even when mixes with soy milk. It also works well as a cold chocolate drink. If you’re like me and like to indulge in the chocolate that sits on the bottom of the glass, you’ll be pleased. This stuff tastes great!

Try this mix hot or cold. It makes a great glass either way. You won’t be disappointed with this mix.


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