Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate is Pure Heaven

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My name is Melody and I’m a chocoholic. When I had to cut back by diet because of IBS, I really, really, really missed chocolate.

I went through practically every dairy free candy bar on the market. None of them satisfied my sweet tooth until I found “Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates”. Man, oh man, this is the real deal! Since I’m an expert at eating chocolate, I should know. It doesn’t taste fruity or have a weird texture. It’s just good ol’ chocolate that melts in your mouth. The best part is it doesn’t irritate my stomach so I can indulge in a bar and not have to worry about, um, repercussions.

One bar is one serving. None of this “3 servings in a bar” stuff! As if I’d be able to break the bar into threes. I attempted halves once and ended up eating the other half before it had time to cool in the fridge.

I’ve tried the Dark Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate with Almonds bar. Both are delicious, but I prefer the regular Dark Chocolate bar over the almonds. They do have other varieties, I haven’t found them in stores yet. If you want to try Sjaak’s candy, be aware that they also have items with dairy.

You can see the entire line of Sjaak’s Chocolates on their website.


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