Serving Size for Who?

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I’m a label reader. I have to! Deadly ingredients like dairy, honey, etc., can make my stomach to flip flops.

I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I can interpret the various ingredients and nutritional content. What I don’t understand is who comes up with these serving sizes? I mean, how can one brownie be two servings? What genius thought that up? It looks great on the label since the fat and sugar content are low. But, you know darn well you aren’t going to eat half a brownie. You’ll devour it all at once–and enjoy it too!

If you aren’t really paying attnetion you could miss things like serving size. For instance, who would think that one large cookie is actually three servings? Or, a serving size of seasoning is actually 1/8 a teaspoon? How about the cup of soup that is two servings–not one? I don’t know anyone who measures in 1/8’s or divides a cookie into threes.

All this fudgin’ with serving size is a well crafted game. It’s designed to make you think a product isn’t really all that bad. They’re afraid if you really saw the actual servings size and nutritional data you’d flip your lid. So, instead of making a healthier product, they try to fool you into believing the one you bought is better than it really is.

It’d be great if companies used real serving sizes. That way, those of us who have to read labels need not spend half the day pondering just how many servings we will devour something in and how high that sugar content will be when we get done. I don’t have time to sit there and figure out how much sugar is in something. A little truth in labelling can go a long way.


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