Recipe: Quick and Healthy Sandwiches

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One the problems disabled people have is making nutritional meals. How do you get in extra vegetables and greens when you don’t really feel like cooking at all? There are easy ways to supplementing your diet, but you need to think a little differently.

Sandwiches are the easiest meals to make. They are also the best meals to adapt to healthier eating styles. Whether you are vegetarian or carnivorous, you can make a pretty good sandwich without taking alot of time.

Here are some basics:

Save leftover vegetables and use them as sandwich filler
~Add sprouts to your sandwiches. Don’t get hung up on the grass thing associated with alfalfa sprouts. Now you can try clover sprouts, broccoli sprouts, and host of other sprouts.
~Use different lettuces besides iceberg or in addition to iceberg.
~Instead of lettuce, add raw spinach, cabbage to your sandwich.
~In a rush, buy mixed salad greens and make a sandwich. There are combinations with spinach, frisee, romaine, dandelion greens, and more. It’s alot less boring than ol’ iceberg! ~Shredded carrots make a great sandwich filler.
~Cooked or raw broccoli is great in sandwiches.
~Take your favorite sandwich, then add some mixed salad greens and sprouts. You now have the equivalent of a salad.
~Avocado can be used in sandwiches sliced or mashed.

Try different combinations. Some vegetables stay on the bread easily while others are a pain. Even if you make your regular turkey sandwich, if you add some spinach rather than iceberg lettuce, you’ve already made an improvement.

Here’s my favorite sandwich:

Leftover steamed carrots, broccoli, and asparagus
Broccoli Sprouts
Mesclun Mix (mixed salad greens)
Sourdough Bread
Top with mayonnaise, mustard, or whatever condiment you prefer.

Now that’s a healthy sandwich!


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